Meeting agenda

Industry Forum on Realising Semantic Interoperability across Health IT Systems

From Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th January 2015 (lunch time to lunch time)
New Meeting Place: COCIR Offices, Diamant Building
Bd A. Reyers, 80 - 1030 Brussels - Belgium

Monday 26th January 2015
From 12.30 Sandwich lunch
13.30 Welcome and introduction to the workshop, its challenges and goals
Dipak Kalra, President of EuroRec, SemanticHealthNet scientific co-ordinator
13.45 Industry perspective on semantic interoperability
13.55 Format of the panel sessions
14.00 Panel I: Interoperability requirements for the delivery of integrated and person-centred care
  • Suzanna Hardman (Whittington Hospital Nhs Trust, heart failure specialist)
  • Paul Rastall (RCP, patient perspective)
  • Bob Vander Stichele (RAMIT, GP)
  • Mark Leaning (Helicon Health)
  • Tomaz Gornik (Marand)
  • Annika Sonne Hansen (SemInte)
15.30 Coffee
16.00 Panel II: Importance of interoperability policies for healthcare payers, ministries and insurers
  • Jeremy Thorp (Health Ministry)
  • Michele Thonnet (Health Ministry)
  • Christoph Ruprecht (AOK Health Insurer)
  • Miroslav Koncar (Oracle Healthcare)
  • Alexander Berler (Gnomon Informatics SA)
  • Jos Devlies (Custodix)
17.30 Close, drinks reception
Dinner starts at 18u30 (same venue)
Tuesday 27th January 2015
From 08.30 Coffee
08.50 Brief recap from the previous day
09.00 Panel III: Interoperability for large-scale clinical research, business intelligence and learning healthcare
  • Bart Vannieuwenhuyse (Janssen, EMIF)
  • Vasa Curcin (Kings College London)
  • Ed Conley (UK clinical research platforms, Farr Institute)
  • Dirk Colaert (Agfa Healthare, COCIR)
  • Michael Strubin (Continua)
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Panel IV: Interoperable Standards Development and Interoperability Profiling Organisations
  • Jane Millar (IHTSDO)
  • Charlie McCay (HL7)
  • Karima Bourquard (IHE Europe)
  • Steve Kay (CEN)
  • Mario Romao (Continua, Intel Corporation)
  • Herman Muys (Agfa Healthcare)
  • Razvan Costea-Barlutiu (Laitek)
12.30 Next Steps - finalise combined calls to action
  • Drawing together the calls to action from each panel
  • Agreeing the calls to action for each stakeholder group
Working sandwich lunch
13.30 Close

Format of the panel sessions

  • Non-industry panellists will present for five minutes each on the pain points and opportunities, corresponding to the panel session title
  • Industry panellists will provide spontaneous responses, for five minutes each
  • The chairman will then facilitate audience engagement in questions and discussion
  • Each panel will sum up its key learning points and draft a call to action for relevant stakeholders

Please come prepared to contribute!